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Stay any two weekend nights in July and August and join us at the guests only complimentary summer wine tasting each Saturday at 2 pm. You’ll get to taste amazing whites, roses and light reds from around the world under the tutulege of widely travelled John Borrell, Kania Lodge’s owner, wine entrepreneur and winemaker. He’ll also pour samples of the outstanding 2018 vintage from the lodge’s vineyard.

Price for guests without room reservation is 150 PLN per person.

Wine Tour to Lebanon – November 2019

Wine tour to Lebanon which will include direct flights to Beirut from Warsaw with LOT and accommodation in the seaside 5 star Byblos Sur Mer Hotel. Byblos, a Christian town north of Beirut, has been Phoenecian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Crusader at different times in history. While in Lebanon we’ll visit Beirut, the famous Roman temple to Bacchus in Baalbek and enjoy a tour and picnic lunch at the Domaine Tourelles winery. If you are interested please register and we’ll provide more details as we obtain them.

Expect sunshine and daytime temperatures of around 25 C.